It's a bit old really...

Match Design has been trading as Communicate Design since 2007, providing cutting-edge web design, coding and humorous asides, whilst on various contracts in and around London. This site is here in case clients see our older work and still want to get in touch. If you want to get in touch, email me if you like.

Crash : Breaks and House mix by DJ Therapy

Crash : Breaks mix

If you're looking for the house & breaks mix that Matt did a couple of years ago, got the URL slightly wrong and are wondering what the hell is going on, have a look in here. And even if you're not, but you rather like breaks & house, why not have a go anyway?

What we (used to) do

Our services cover print design, website design & development, as well as photography and illustration.

Given our experience across these different areas, we often provide an end-to-end design solution for businesses. Starting with logo design and printed materials, we're able to provide everything from stationery, ROP advertising, brochures and flyers, magazine design, CD artwork, display graphics - we've even designed and built an exhibition stand for one of our clients.

We also provide website design and coding. Matt, our lead front-end developer, as well as delivering HTML and flash sites for our clients, has been working for the last 18 months at AKQA as part of their Nike & Nokia Mobile project teams. So, if you don't require an end-to-end service, and just need our specialist knowledge on certain areas of your project, we're happy to work with you.

If you require photograph or re-touching services, we can also provide these. If there's anything we haven't listed that you need, please just ask.

The complete service

We can handle your project from concept to completion through our links with a number of other companies. Whether you require offset litho printing, CD duplication, specialist t-shirt printers, website hosting, video streaming or more besides, we have the contacts to ensure the best standards across all areas of your project. What's more, an integrated solution with tried and tested methods will make your life much easier.


We'd like to thank...

One of our sites - - has been featured on a number of CSS design showcase sites, including the marvellous Design Meltdown, CSS Remix, CSS Mania,, CSS Heaven and CSS-Galleries. Obviously we're very pleased - we often reference these sites to keep our eyes on what's new in web design, so to see our own work up there is quite an honour!